TitleLearning and Reusing Goal-Specific Policies for Goal-Driven Autonomy
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2012
AuthorsJaidee, U, Muñoz-Avila, H, Aha, DW
Conference NameProceedings of the Twentieth International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning
Date Published09/2012
PublisherSpringer Berlin Heidelberg
Conference LocationLyon, France
ISBN Number978-3-642-32985-2
KeywordsCase-based learning, goal-driven autonomy, reinforcement learning

In certain adversarial environments, reinforcement learning (RL) techniques require a prohibitively large number of episodes to learn a high-performing strategy for action selection. For example, Q-learning is particularly slow to learn a policy to win complex strategy games. We propose GRL, the first GDA system capable of learning and reusing goal-specific policies. GRL is a case-based goal-driven autonomy (GDA) agent embedded in the RL cycle. GRL acquires and reuses cases that capture episodic knowledge about an agent’s (1) expectations, (2) goals to pursue when these expectations are not met, and (3) actions for achieving these goals in given states. Our hypothesis is that, unlike RL, GRL can rapidly fine-tune strategies by exploiting the episodic knowledge captured in its cases. We report performance gains versus a state-of-the-art GDA agent and an RL agent for challenging tasks in two real-time video game domains.

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Goal reasoning
goal-driven autonomy
case-based reinforcement learning