TitleSecure Middleware for Situation-Aware Naval C2 and Combat Systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsBharadwaj, R.
Conference Name9th International Workshop on Future Trends of Distributed Comput ing Systems (FTDCS 2003)
Conference LocationSan Juan, Puerto Rico

There is an increasing need within the Navy and Marine Corps for building distributed situation-aware applications that are rapidly reconfigurable and survivable in the face of attacks and changing mission needs. For the Navy's vision of Network Centric Warfare and the Total Ship Computing Environment to succeed, there is an urgent need for a secure, robust, and survivable network infrastructure for disseminating mission-critical information in a timely manner. It is widely believed that intelligent software agents provide the ability to build robust, agile, and efficient distributed applications. We outline how Secure Infrastructure for Networked Systems (SINS) being developed at the Naval Research Laboratory will provide commanders and warfighters the necessary middleware for constructing situation-aware Command and Control (C2) and combat applications. We pay particular attention to the correctness, survivability, and efficiency of the underlying middleware architecture, and develop a middleware definition language Secure Operations Language (SOL) that enables C2 and Combat applications to use this infrastructure in a seamless and scalable manner.

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