The Center for High Assurance Computer Systems (CHACS) is a branch of the Information Technology Division at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL). CHACS conducts research and development in the areas of Information Assurance (IA) and Cyber Security. In this role the Center also provides IA research support to other Navy activities, as well as maintains liaison with the National Security Agency and other US and International Defense, Industrial, and Academic research labs. CHACS also serves as a component of the Naval Information Warfare Activity's Center of Excellence for Information Warfare.

CHACS seeks to ensure that the Department of the Navy has the best possible IA posture by evaluating, improving, and/or developing technology, components, methods or processes, and tools for various Commands and Organizations. In order to ensure that the Navy's IA needs will be met in the future, CHACS performs the necessary research to develop improved technology for Naval needs. The Center also attempts to influence pending technology, standards, and research while keeping the Navy abreast of new developments and improve the transition of 6.1/6.2 technology to solutions and products to support informed decisions and solve real-world problems.

The Center has a unique structure, one that has a research and an engineering component. The research component performs basic research up through advanced technology demonstration and the engineering component performs applied research up through production representative technology. These two components interact to create an environment where engineering experiences influence researchers; research results affect engineering approaches; and continuous interaction facilitates transition of research technology.