Information Assurance (IA) technology and solution oriented research and development

  • Technology/capabilities/solutions
    • Cryptography
    • Cross-domain
    • Enabling technologies
    • Key management solutions
  • Prototypes and production representative products

Address specific computer and data security technology issues through enterprise-level security

  • Distributed computing focusing on survivability and recoverability
  • Service-oriented architectures

Develop special-purpose mathematical techniques and formal methods for the solution of specific, focused computer security problems

  • Steganography and watermarking
  • Quantum computing and communications

Develop computer network solutions and transition to operational use

  • Computer Network Defense (CND) technology
  • Malicious code analysis
  • Reverse code engineering and tool development

Conduct research and development in securing mobile communications and data processing systems

  • Wireless wide, local and personal area networks
  • Visualization and geo-location

Develop software engineering theory, practices, and technology

  • Formal foundations for high assurance software
    • Software requirements
    • Visualization and geo-location
  • Certification artifacts from formal methods
  • Binary analysis
  • Source code understanding