TitleSCR*: A Toolset for Specifying and Analyzing Requirements
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsHeitmeyer, C. L., A. Bull, C. Gasarch, and B. Labaw
Conference NameTenth Annual Conference on Computer Assurance (COMPASS '95)
Conference LocationGaithersburg, Maryland

A set of CASE tools is described for developing formal requirements specifications expressed in the SCR (Software Cost Reduction) tabular notation. The tools include an editor for building the specifications, a consistency checker for testing the specifications for consistency with a formal requirements model, a simulator for symbollically excecuting the specifications, and a verifier for checking that the specifications satisfy selected application properties. As background, the SCR method for specifying requirements is reviewed, and a formal requirements model is introduced. Examples are presented to illustrate the tools.

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