LCP maintains a very powerful collection of computer system applied to a broad collection of work. There are currently a total of 256 shared memory Itanium processors, 2948 clustered x86_64 cores, and their associated support systems. In addition there are over 40 Apple workstations in the group most of which are capable of large calculations both independently and in parallel ad hoc clusters.

The shared memory computer systems are comprised of two 64 core and one 128 core Itanium 2 SGI Altix machines. There are four 64-bit x86 multi-core distributed memory clusters, each well coupled with Infiniband high-speed switched interconnect. The GPU cluster is comprised of 88 NVIDA Fermi GPUs tightly coupled to 35 x86_64 multi-core processors nodes.

All systems share 120 terabytes of storage for use during a simulation and at least one gigabyte of memory per processor core. All unclassified systems share a common disk space for home directories as well as 2.8 terabytes of AFS space that can be used from any AFS capable system throughout the allowed Internet.

Each system is connected to NRL's network via 10Gb Ethernet as well as an internal Infiniband intranet.