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Hyden, P., S. Russell, D. Jakubek, N. Paxton, and I. S. Moskowitz, "Advancing Future Network Science through Content Understanding", STO-MP-IST-123 - Cognitive Radio and Future Networks, The Netherlands, 2014.  (596.2 KB)
Paxton, N., I. S. Moskowitz, S. Russell, and P. Hyden, "Developing a Network Science Based Approach to Cyber Incident Analysis", NATO IST-122 Symposium on Cyber Security, Estonia, 10/2014.  (550.07 KB)
Safier, P. N., and I. S. Moskowitz, "Network traffic anomalies, natural language processing, and random matrix theory", Complex Adaptive Systems, vol. 4, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2014.  (525.85 KB)
Cotae, P., S. Regmi, and I. S. Moskowitz, "Non-data aided doppler shift estimation for underwater acoustic communication.", IEEE 10th International Conference on Communications (COMM), Romania, 2014.  (419.58 KB)