As the Navy's corporate laboratory, the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) draws on the powerful resources of a multidisciplinary combination of scientific expertise and modern facilities. It is the mission of the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) to facilitate the implementation of the NRL's innovative technologies in products and services to benefit the public. Learn more about NRL by downloading the NRL factbook.

To learn more about how NRL technologies are commercialized or how your business can benefit from collaboration with some of the world's most respected scientists, explore the NRL Technology Transfer Office website or contact the TTO. To stay up to date on the latest NRL technology, subscribe to NRL's newsletter.

There are two primary mechanisms by which the NRL TTO transfers its technologies to the public sector: patent licensing agreements and cooperative research and development agreements (CRADAs).

NRL has an extensive portfolio of patents covering important technological developments in a wide variety of scientific and engineering disciplines. NRL is authorized by the Navy to negotiate licenses for the commercial use of the Navy's patented technologies. To learn more about the NRL's patent licensing program, go to the Licenses page. To browse through a selection of some of the technologies that are available for licensing, go to the Available Technologies page.

Under the scope of a CRADA, NRL scientists work with non-Federal parties to perform cooperative research and development on subjects of mutual interest and benefit. Often, such a cooperative research program may precede a patent licensing agreement to adapt NRL's patented technologies to a particular product or service. To learn more about how to negotiate a CRADA with the NRL, go to the CRADAs page.