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NEWS | July 11, 2018

Dr. Gerald M. Borsuk Receives 2017 Presidential Distinguished Executive Rank Award

By Daniel Parry

WASHINGTON – The President of the United States, Donald Trump, conferred the award of Distinguished Executive for 2017 upon Dr. Gerald M. Borsuk, Associate Director of Research for the Systems Directorate, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory. Borsuk received the award from the Secretary of the Navy, Mr. Richard V. Spencer, at a ceremony held in Washington D.C., June 15.

The Presidential Distinguished Executive Rank Award is the highest honor a civilian federal employee can receive and acknowledges a small percentage of members of the Senior Executive Service who have a record of achievement that is recognized nationally and throughout their respective agency.

Borsuk is recognized for his outstanding leadership of four major NRL research divisions conducting a broad multi-disciplinary program of scientific research and advanced technological development in the areas of optics, electromagnetic warfare, information technology, and radar with a combined funding in fiscal year 2017 of $475 million. He is responsible for the conduct and effectiveness of research programs performed within these divisions and for the overall administration of activities throughout the Systems Directorate.

Additionally, Borsuk is the focus area coordinator for all NRL base programs in electronics science and technology and the Navy’s Senior Executive for the Quantum S&E Program. He recently served as the chair of the Mission Executive Council Microelectronics Working Group — an interagency panel charged with the task of creating a strategic framework for microelectronics for the Department of Energy, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Prior to his appointment as Associate Director of Research for Systems, Borsuk served for 23 years as the Superintendent of the Electronics Science and Technology Division at NRL, where he was responsible for the in-house execution of a multi-disciplinary program of basic and applied research in electronic materials and structures, solid state devices, nanometer scale electronics, vacuum electronics, and circuits. Prior to joining NRL, he served in industry for 17 years.

Borsuk received a doctorate in physics from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., in 1973. He is a Fellow of the IEEE, a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), has published in the literature and has been awarded several patents. He is the recipient of five Presidential Rank Senior Executive Awards, the last two being Distinguished Rank Awards granted in 2010 and 2017. Other recognitions of his achievement include the IEEE Frederik Philips Medal, the IEEE Harry Diamond Memorial Award, the IEEE Millennium Medal, and an IR-100 Award. Borsuk has served on the University of Maryland National Security Advisory Board as well as the Editorial Board of the IEEE Proceedings for 18 years.

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