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    Ocean and Atmospheric Science and Technology



The Ocean and Atmospheric Science and Technology (OAST) Directorate serves as the research lead for the Navy in ocean and atmospheric sciences with special strengths in physical oceanography, marine geosciences, ocean acoustics, marine meteorology, space sciences, and remote oceanic and atmospheric sensing. The directorate is responsible for administrative and technical support to major activities in Washington, D.C.; Stennis Space Center, Mississippi; and Monterey, California.


Focus Areas 

OAST performs research in five basic disciplines of Earth and space science. Senior naval officers are assigned as military advisors to help maintain the directorate focus on operational Navy and other Department of Defense requirements in these areas of emphasis.

  • Physical Acoustics
  • Acoustic Signal Processing and Systems
  • Acoustic Simulation, Measurement & Tactics
  • Atmospheric Dynamics & Prediction
  • Meteorological Applications Development
  • Ocean Dynamics and Prediction
  • Ocean Data Assimilation
  • Coupled Environmental Models
  • Physical Oceanographic Processes 
  • Bio-optical Modeling
  • Remote Sensing of Ocean Optics
  • Ocean Lidar Applications
  • Marine Geology
  • Marine Geophysics
  • Geospational Sciences and Technology
  • Marine Related In Situ and Laboratory Sensors
  • Geospace Science & Technology
  • High-Energy Space Environment
  • Solar and Heliospheric Physics