The Communications Security (COMSEC) Systems Section, Code 5541, in the Center for High Assurance Computer Systems at the Naval Research Laboratory, provides the Navy's core in-house expertise in the development and application of Information Systems Security (INFOSEC) technology and Information Assurance (IA).

Code 5541 ensures Navy communication systems meet both their communication requirements and their security requirements. Engineers work closely with other government agencies and Navy system developers to develop high assurance Information security products (e.g., components, toolkits, equipment, and systems) to meet Navy and joint service requirements. Code 5541 performs analyses and experiments to evaluate alternate approaches and develops prototype systems to permit both laboratory and field investigations. This section builds on an understanding of developing systems to perform research leading to advanced system concepts and security architectures, development of new analysis tools and techniques, and new INFOSEC technology. Code 5541 focuses on the following major technology areas:

Crypto Technologies
  • Development of advanced crypto technologies for CMI
  • Programmable crypto engine/modules
    • PEIP modules
  • SW-based crypto applications
  • Crypto module embedment
    • KOV-17, 17-1
    • KG-334
    • MILES
  • Modernized crypto for the tactical edge
  • Navy crypto master plan
  • Crypto interoperability specifications
    • Modernized-tactical secure voice

Selected Publications

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