Flying Squirrel

What is Flying Squirrel?
Flying Squirrel is the Department of Defense standard wireless discovery and mapping application. It runs on Windows and Linux using commercial laptops, wireless cards, and GPS devices.

Is Flying Squirrel ATO certified?
The Risk Management Framework (RFM) certification process categorize Flying Squirrel, the wireless discovery application, as an IA Tool. Therefore, the Authorized to Operate (ATO) under the legacy certification and accreditation process is no longer applicable for Flying Squirrel. Flying Squirrel will be treated like any other application, e.g. Microsoft Word.

How can I obtain Flying Squirrel?
Flying Squirrel may be downloaded from the Download tab. Access to download the Flying Squirrel application is limited to personnel with a government Common Access Card (CAC).

What are the requirements and process for acquiring Flying Squirrel?
Flying Squirrel’s hardware requirements are listed on the System Requirements tab. It can be downloaded with a CAC on the Download tab.

Do users need special permissions to access and download from the Flying Squirrel website?
No. Flying Squirrel for Linux, FS for Windows, and related documentation can be downloaded from the Documentation tab with a valid DOD CAC.

A sample of an authorization letter for wireless scans is NOT available on the website.
Please consult the FS CONOPS for additional information.

Where can I find information about Flying Squirrel?
All Flying Squirrel related information is available on the Flying Squirrel website, For additional information, please send an email to

Can Flying Squirrel be installed on a network?
Flying Squirrel is intended as a standalone application on a dedicated laptop. It can be installed on a dedicated network using the Orb-weaver capability with the Ubiquity UNIFI sensors (information can be found in Appendix B in the FS CONOPS).

Is Flying Squirrel an intrusion detection application?
Flying Squirrel is a passive wireless discovery application and is only the discovery portion of a Wireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS).

Do I have to uninstall Flying Squirrel before installing a newer version?
Before upgrading to a newer version of Flying Squirrel, you should uninstall the current version of Flying Squirrel from your device.

When are new versions of Flying Squirrel available?
Major Flying Squirrel versions are released yearly, with minor releases in between containing bug fixes and smaller changes.

What I can download from the Flying Squirrel website?
The Flying Squirrel CBT and all related documents can be downloaded by using a valid DOD CAC, as well as the FS software itself.

Is Orb-Weaver only for LAN discovery or can it be used across the WAN?
Orb-Weaver runs on a dedicated Flying Squirrel network. Depending how the network is configured, it can be used for LAN or WAN discovery.

Does one need to be on a .mil network to download Flying Squirrel?
No. Anyone with a valid DOD CAC can download the application and related documentation.

Does Flying Squirrel help with compliance of the wireless STIG to monitor for rogue devices?
Flying Squirrel helps with the compliance of the wireless STIG. Within Flying Squirrel, there is a tool to run the wireless STIG questions and generate a compliance report. It also satisfies the DISA scanning requirement.