The toolset was developed originally in C++ using the MIT X windowing system for its GUI displays. It has been migrated to a Java front end, with some of the components also in Java, and other components still in a C++ backend. The toolset is no longer under development, however, we still do bug fixes.

  • Windows, Linux, or Solaris operating system (Macs are not supported)
  • Java 6 or later. The SCR toolset installer will verify this. It must be the SDK version (developer's version), not the JRE.
  • The help system uses JavaHelp, version 2, from (formerly) Sun Microsystems, now Oracle. This is a free download, and can be found through a search engine with the key words, "javahelp system", if the following URL is out-of-date: (as of Spring, 2010, this URL is fine).