TitleStealthy Protocols: Metrics and Open Problems
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsChen, O., C. A. Meadows, and G. Trivedi
JournalProceedings of Concurrency, Security, and Puzzles
Start Page1
Date Published01/2017

This paper is a survey of both methods that could be used
to support stealthy communication over both wired and wireless networks
and techniques for evaluating them. By stealthy communication
we mean communication using channels that guarantee that the nature
of the communication, or even the fact that communication is taking
place at all, is hidden. Although stealthy communication and information
hiding have been studied from a number of different points of view,
e.g. image steganography, network covert channels, and covert wireless
communication, not much has been done to tie these different threads
together and attempt to see how the different branches of stealthy communication
research can inform each other. In this paper we take the first
steps to remedying this deficiency. We identify open problems, point out
gaps, and indicate directions for further research.