TitleA Unified Specification of Behavior for Requirements and Design
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsKirby, Jr, J.
Document NumberNRL/MR/5540--007-9094
InstitutionNaval Research Laboratory
CityWashington, D.C.

It would be useful to write one description of software behavior to serve both requirements and design. Having one description could reduce effort by eliminating the work of developing two descriptions and of keeping them consistent throughout development and maintenance. It would also eliminate the inconsistency inherent in having two descriptions, a fertile source of error. A question paramount to software engineers is Could one description of behavior for a real system serve both requirements and design? The purpose of the present document is to answer that question by producing one such description of the software behavior of a real system. The specification presented here is based upon behavioral specifications extracted from function and abstract interface specifications developed by Paul Clements, Alan Parker, Kathryn Heninger Britton, David Parnas, John Shore, Stuart Faulk, Bruce Labaw, and David Weiss.

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