TitlePVS Proof Strategies for Proving Abstraction Properties of Automata
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsMitra, S., and M. Archer
JournalElectronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science

Abstractions are important in specifying and proving properties of complex systems. To prove that a given automaton implements an abstract specification automaton, one must first find the correct abstraction relation between the states of the automata, and then show that this relation is preserved by all corresponding action sequences of the two automata. This paper describes tool support based on the PVS theorem prover that can help users accomplish the second task, in other words, in proving a candidate abstraction relation correct. This tool support relies on a clean and uniform technique for defining abstraction properties relating automata that uses library theories for defining abstraction relations and templates for specifying automata and abstraction theorems. The paper then describes how the templates and theories allow development of generic, high level PVS strategies that aid in the mechanization of abstraction proofs. These strategies first set up the standard subgoals for the abstraction proofs and then execute the standard initial proof steps for these subgoals, thus making the process of proving abstraction properties in PVS more automated. With suitable supplementary strategies to implement the "natural" proof steps needed to complete the proofs of any of the standard subgoals remaining to be proved, the abstraction proof strategies can form part of a set of mechanized proof steps that can be used interactively to translate high level proof sketches into PVS proofs. Using timed I/O automata examples taken from the literature, this paper illustrates use of th

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