TitleA Steganographic Embedding Undetectable by JPEG Compatibility Steganalysis
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsNewman, R., I. S. Moskowitz, LW. Chang, and M. M. Brahmadesam
Conference NameInformation Hiding

Steganography and steganalysis of digital images is a cat-and-mouse game. In recent work, Fridrich, Goljan and Du introduced a method that is surprisingly accurate at determining if bitmap images that originated as JPEG files have been altered (and even specifying where and how they were altered), even if only a single bit has been changed. However, steganographic embeddings that encode embedded data in the JPEG coefficients are not detectable by their JPEG compatibility steganalysis. This paper describes a steganographic method that encodes the embedded data in the spatial domain, yet cannot be detected by their steganalysis mechanism. Furthermore, we claim that our method can also be used as a steganographic method on files stored in JPEG format. The method described herein uses a novel, topological approach to embedding. The paper also outlines some extensions to the proposed embedding method.

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