TitleGenuine Onion: Simple, Fast, Flexible, and Cheap Website Authentication
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsSyverson, P., and G. Boyce
Conference Name IEEE Workshop on Web 2.0 Security & Privacy
Date Published05/2015

Tor is a communications infrastructure widely used for unfettered and anonymous access to Internet websites. Tor is also used to access sites on the .onion virtual domain. The focus of .onion use and discussion has traditionally been on the offering of hidden services, services that separate their reachability from the identification of their IP addresses. We argue that Tor's .onion system can be used to provide an entirely separate benefit: basic website authentication. We also argue that not only can onionsites provide website authentication, but doing so is easy, fast, cheap, flexible and secure when compared to alternatives such as the standard use of TLS with certificates.

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