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A Mobile Ad hoc NETwork (MANET) is made up from a set of MANET routers (MRs). These MRs organize and maintain a routing structure among themselves over dynamic wireless interfaces. As any Internet Protocol (IP) router, a MR may have an attached set of nodes. These nodes access the MANET via the MR to which they are attached. Due, in part, to relative movements of MR and, in part, to environmental effects (especially wireless characteristics), the network topology and communication links in a MANET may change state more frequently than in fixed wired or fixed wireless networks. These attributes and others influence Internet Protocol (IP) design for MANETs. MANETs may in some cases operate as stand-alone networks, or they may be used to extend the wireless. mobile range of a more fixed infrastructure network designs.

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The Mobile Ad-hoc Networking (MANET) Working Group is a chartered working group within the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to investigate and develop candidate standard Internet routing support for mobile, wireless IP autonomous segments.

The charter and official IETF Home Page for MANET hosts the latest working documents and working group information. The official IETF MANET Home Page is:

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