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Scripted Display Tools (SDT and SDT3D) are open source software developed by the NRL PROTocol Engineering Advanced Networking (PROTEAN) group.

Standard SDT provides a simple 2D visualization capability using standard image files for a background and set of overlaid nodes. SDT is written in C++ using the freely-available, cross-platform 
wxWidgets library for graphical user interface applications. In SDT, a custom coordinate system can be defined for the background, and node positions can be dynamically updated to "move" their associated icons about the background.

SDT3D provides a 3D visualization capability using NASA's 
World Wind Java SDK and a set of overlaid nodes. Nodes are assigned iconic images for the display sourced from standard format image files (e.g. JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.) or from 3D Model files (3ds). SDT3D is written in Java using the World Wind Java SDK. Versions of the libraries are available for most Unix, MacOS, and Win32 platforms. In SDT3D, nodes are placed at geographic coordinates that can be dynamically updated to "move" their associated icons about the globe.


SDT Downloads

Source code and most recent binary distributions (Linux, Mac OS, and Windows) are available on GitHub.

SDT Installation

Prebuilt SDT binary distributions and SDT3D jar files are available for the Mac OS, Linux, and Windows platforms.

The SDT source code is available on 
GitHub. See the build instructions in the source code downloads or further information on building SDT and SDT3D. Note that to build the programs, SDT is dependent on NRL's Protolib library and wxWidgetsSDT3D dependencies include NASA's World Wind Java SDK, joglutils (a library that provides Java bindings for OpenGL and 3D model support), and protolib-jni (a library that provides Java native interface to NRL's Protolib protoPipe implementation).


SDT Documentation