The Networks and Communications Systems Branch (Code 5520) serves as the Navy's lead organization in the discovery and innovation, development, evaluation, integration, and maturation of network and communications systems science and technology, with an eye toward developing capabilities that have military relevance and transition to the warfighter. A major focus of our mission is to address networking and communications problems of a unique and challenging nature such as the deployment and effective operation of wireless networking solutions in autonomous and dynamic environments. Present focus areas include, but are not limited to, basic research in information and network theory, dynamic network analytics and modeling, mobile ad hoc networks, heterogeneous wireless networks, adaptive routing, reliable network transport, decentralized service operation and discovery, network management and monitoring, and dynamic spectrum access and cognitive radio and network technologies. As such, NRL Code 5520 is also the ONR lead field activity in networks and communications science, with strong ties to academia, DoD, and other government labs and systems centers. We accomplish this mission through a mixture of fundamental discovery and invention, expert analysis, simulation and emulation, field testing, systems level integration, network technology consultation, and rapid capability development.