The OSPF-MDR implementation for quagga OSPFv3 is an implementation of RFC 5614 (OSPF MDR), RFC 5243 (OSPF Database Exchange Optimization), and RFC 5838 (OSPFv3 Address Families) for efficient routing in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs).

This software, based on the open source Quagga Routing Suite, was originally developed by Richard Ogier and Boeing Phantom Works, and is now being maintained by the Mobile Routing project at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL).


Source distributions are available here. Consult the quagga documentation for information on how to build quagga.

The primary development platform is GNU Linux. Quagga is also supported on BSD systems. We have no experience in trying to run Quagga or the OSPF MANET extensions on Windows systems.

User's Guide

Documentation is maintained in the doc/ directory, under the ospf6d-manet.texi and ospftd-af.texi chapters. A PDF version is maintained here.

Contact and Bug Tracker

For more info on OSPF MANET, please contact ospf_manet_info@nrl.navy.mil.

The bug tracker for OSPF MANET is found here.

Development Status

Nightly snapshots are made from the subversion trunk. Periodically, we will make a stable release that is more tested than the nightly releases.

Regarding the plans for merging this upstream with Quagga, we are interested in doing so someday, but it is not a current priority.

Supplemental Page

A supplemental page can be found at a Google Code site.

Boeing's OSPF MANET page contains archival information, including links to (no longer maintained) simulator bindings for the GTNetS simulator, older patches for older versions of quagga, and a number of technical reports, published papers, and expired Internet Drafts.