This page contains links to various tools we have created for data analysis. Generally, these are applicable for network protocol research, development, and analysis. These tools work with other software provided at this web site (e.g. MGEN) and other tools (e.g. tcpdump, ns, etc).

Tcpdump Rate Plot Real Time (TRPR) is a tool for real-time (and non-real-time) graphical display of network loading of traffic captured with MGEN and tcpdump. It includes various data filtering options which can be used in conjunction with tcpdump's filtering to get the view of data you want. Designed to work with gnuplot, but can work other plotting tools or spreadsheets, also.
Program to monitor a serial port for GPS device NMEA sentences, publish current location to shared memory, log position data, and optionally set system time to GPS.
Scripted Display Tools (sdt/sdt3d), programs useful for real-time visualization of mobile networks (among other things). Allows simple scripted control of a background image or map and icons and communications links overlayed on the background. 3D version supports the use of 3d models, terrain and satellite imagery overlay.

Packages containing source code for most of these tools can be found at:

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