NRL’s Information Technology Division (ITD) is a direct descendant of the Laboratory’s Radio Division, one of NRL’s two original research Divisions when the Laboratory was commissioned in 1923. In fact, ITD’s roots precede the founding of NRL since the NRL Radio Division was formed by consolidating two already existing Naval Laboratories: the Naval Radio Telegraphic Laboratory (established in 1908) and the Naval Aircraft Radio Laboratory (established in 1918). These two Laboratories were consolidated into the NRL Radio Division on April 16, 1923, almost three months before NRL was officially commissioned on July 2.

The Radio Division’s first Superintendent was Albert Hoyt Taylor who, along with fellow Division employee Leo C. Young, pioneered Radar in the US. The NRL Radio Division trifurcated in 1945 into a Special Electronics Research Division (predecessor of NRL’s Electronics Division), a Fire Control Division (predecessor of NRL’s Radar Division), and a Ship-Shore Radio Division. The Ship-Shore Radio Division reorganized into a new Radio Division in 1954, and in 1968 it reorganized and expanded into the Communications Sciences Division. The Communications Sciences Division reorganized and expanded into the Information Technology Division in 1981.