Multiple language support

SAGE is a multi-agent framework written in C++. It is both language and operating system agnostic. The SAGE control interface supports a wide range of programming languages including: C++, Java, Python, and JavaScript.

Dynamic agent configuration

Dynamically construct and deconstruct agents to introduce a greater level of system control. SAGE agents can create and populate other agents with behaviors based on current operational needs. These smart agents may evolve with the system under test and enable reasoning in changing contexts, flexible configurations, and increased agent awareness.

Centralized reports and summaries

Integration between SAGE and Robot Framework enables detailed test specification and reporting capabilities. View the results of all your agents’ activities in a single report found on the SAGE Server to easily verify automation procedures.

“Robot Framework” by Robot Framework Foundation is licensed under the Apache License 2.0

Modular by design

SAGE Framework permits easy language agnostic extensibility and enhancement to support the introduction of new systems and ad hoc test tools. Seamlessly combine, otherwise disconnected, third-party tools and libraries to easily extend functionality.

Integrate with popular tools, such as Selenium, SikuliX, JMeter, Appium, FFmpeg, and more!

Persistent network capability

Store network state to facilitate the automation of large scale systems. Speed up automation processes by loading SAGE node, agent, and behavior configurations to quickly restore previously saved network states.