In the course of its research and development activities, NRL's Networks and Communication Systems Branch and its research partners have developed a number of products that are made available for DoD and general use where applicable. The following project links point to the latest product pages, where you may continue to get current information and downloads.

Protocol Implementations

Network Applications and Systems

  • Interactive VOice eXchange (IVOX) VoIP Application
  • NORM Video Streaming System (NOViSS)
  • NACK-Oriented Proxy (NORP)
  • Proto Service Discovery (Proto-SD)
  • Independent Network Discovery Interface (INDI)
  • XMPP Overlay (XO)
  • DSA Application for GNU Radio (DAGR)
  • WZeroRPC

Test and Analysis Tools

  • Multi-Generator (MGEN) Network Test Tool
  • Scripted Display Tools (SDT)
  • PROTEAN Tools including:
    • Tcpdump Rate Plot Real Time (TRPR)
    • gpsLogger GPS information tool
  • Real-Time Application Representative (RAPR)
  • Aardvark distributed real-time network analysis system

Mobile Network Emulation and Simulation Tools

Software Support Library

Other Information

Should you have serious interest in collaborative development, bug reporting, etc. of a project, please contact the specific project leader for further information.