This page serves as a point of reference and historical archive for older NRL Code 5520 Products. These products are completely unsupported, and are no longer under development at NRL.

Mobile Network Emulators

  • Mobile Network Emulator (MNE)
    • mne-scripts to run MNE, MGEN, TRPR, etc.
  • Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Emulator (MANE)

Test and Analysis Tools

  • Dazle Post-Analysis Tool
  • Network Testing Operational Environment (Nettion)
  • JMap Network Visualization Tool
  • Testbed Control System (TCS)

Mobile Network Emulation and Simulation Tools

  • Sensor Network Extensions to NS2 (NRL Sensor Sim)
  • Sensor Data Reporter (SNAP)
  • DHCP Exit Hooks for Windows XP (DhcpMgr)
  • AgentJ provides the ability to simulate real-world Java applications within NS2

Archived PROTEAN Tools:

  • NRL Extensions for NS2 (NRLNS2Extender)
  • Random Motion Generator (RMG) for NS2 and MNE
    • Generates NS2 scripts to move the mobile nodes based on setdest; has some enhancements, such as radio range settings, speed constraints, etc.
  • CMap visualization tool (with SDT) for replaying a scenario using logfiles

You can also see our Archived Downloads Page here (archive section) to manually browse our archived software packages.