NOViSS is a system for providing reliable delivery of live streaming video over tactical wireless networks using NACK-Oriented Reliable Multicast (NORM). NOViSS can provide end-to-end reliable transport of multicast streaming video to overcome latency and packet loss problems associated with limited-bandwidth wireless tactical networks.


  • Reliable delivery of streaming video over tactical wireless links using NACK Oriented Reliable Multicast (NORM) protocol (IETF RFC 5740)
  • Video digitizer with compression to allow network distribution of video over disadvantaged links
  • Bandwidth reduction techniques to reduce network traffic
  • Video distributed throughout battle group network and beyond
  • Video can be viewed throughout the battle group over WARNET/IBGWN and other IP communication services
  • Web-based viewer and system control interfaces
    • Full-screen display is also supported
    • Video legend can be added by the transmitter to provide a source description (e.g. "P3 Airborne Patrol") to remote viewers

NOViSS web-based viewer interface


A performance comparison showing the ability of NOViSS to deliver reliable MPEG-4 video streaming over an impaired (25% packet loss) network is available.

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