The Real-Time Application Representative (RAPR) is a software application being developed to provide the ability to emulate application performance on IP networks using both UDP and TCP transport mechanisms.

The goal of RAPR is to develop a tool that generates real-time traffic patterns in a manner closely tied to application behavior so that the network can be loaded in a variety of ways. The generated traffic will be received and logged for analyses. Script files will be used to drive the behaviors and resulting generated loading patterns over the course of time. These script files will be able to emulate the traffic patterns of unicast and/or multicast UDP/TCP/IP applications. The receive portion of this tool set will be able to be scripted to dynamically join and leave IP multicast groups. RAPR log data will be able to be used to calculate performance statistics on throughput, packet loss rates, communication delay, and more.

RAPR is available for download here.

RAPR Documentation

A RAPR Tutorial is available here.

A RAPR User's and Reference Guide is also available here.

Additional documentation is available in the download of the RAPR release in the docs directory.

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