Project Summary

This project contains extensions to NS-2 which facilitate sensor network simulations. This is no longer a supported product. See the README and INSTALL files for complete documentation. Also see the NRL NS2 Extender for further information.

NS-2 Visualization



NRL Sensorsim files can be downloaded from

The last release includes patches for ns-2.27. This release does not yet include support for the NRLOLSR routing algorithm. There is also a previous version supporting ns-2.26.

In addition to a few bug fixes, this release includes a simulation generation utility (a perl script which generates a tcl script). Specifically, this perl script clearly lists most of the most commonly used parameters used in setting up a sensor network simulation tcl file (to be run with ns2). By using this tool, one can quickly generate massively large networks without needing to manually configure each and every node. I'm telling you, it's a life saver. Look for this tool in "the simulation_aids" directory. It's called "".

This release also includes support for MGEN-enabled agents. It can be used with TRPR for getting more statistics regarding network throughput, latency, and loss.

NRL Sensor Equipment

Development Status

NRL's Sensor Network Extensions to NS-2 and nrlsensorsim are no longer under development, are not supported, and are online purely for archival purposes.