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Hyden, P., and S. Russell, "Balancing Information Analysis and Decision Value: A Model to Exploit the Decision Process", Winter Simulation Conference, Phoenix, Arizona, 12/2011.  (9.66 MB)
Hyden, P., S. Russell, and W. Gu, "Data to Decisions: Challenges to Analytical Interoperability to Meet the Needs of National Security Decision Process", INFORMS Northeast Regional Conference, Amherst, Massachusetts, 2011.  (8.36 MB)
Hansen, J., L. Hsu, J. Dykes, J. Dastugue, R. Allard, C. Barron, D. Lalejini, M. Abramson, S. Russell, and R. Mittu, "Information Dominance: Dynamically Coupling METOC and INTEL for Improved Guidance for Piracy Interdiction", NRL Review, 2011.  (855.71 KB)
Blasch, E., S. Russell, and G. Seetharaman, "Joint Data Management for MOVINT: Data-To-Decision Making", 14th International Conference on Information Fusion, Chicago, Illinois, 2011.  (1.17 MB)
Linderman, M. H., G. Chasse, A-C. Boury-Brisset, J. Nevitt, J. Henley, R. Read, S. Russell, and P. Hyden, "The Role of Information Fusion Management to Support High-Level Fusion", Information Fusion: Theory and Representations, Boston, Massachusetts, Artech House, pp. 105-135, 2011.
Decker, J., M. A. Livingston, S. Russell, and P. Hyden, "Use Cases for Visualizing Uncertain Computer Networks", IEEE VisWeek Workshop on Working with Uncertainty, Providence, Rhode Island, 10/2011.  (282.41 KB)