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MacIntyre, B., and M. A. Livingston, "Moving Mixed Reality into the Real World", IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications, 6, vol. 25, pp. 22-23, 11/2005.  (366.45 KB)
Coelho, E M., S. J. Julier, and B. MacIntyre, "OSGAR: A Scene Graph with Uncertain Transformations", Third IEEE and ACM International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality, Arlington, Virginia, 11/2004.  (1.01 MB)
MacIntyre, B., E M. Coelho, and S. J. Julier, "Estimating and Adapting to Registration Errors in Augmented Reality Systems", Technical Papers, IEEE Virtual Reality 2002, Orlando, Florida, pp. 73-80, 03/2002.  (557.41 KB)
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