The Virtual Environments and Visualization Section (Code 5581) explores visual representations of data and information in a variety of advanced graphics applications. We have applied our work to virtual environments, augmented reality, visual analytics, and scientific and information visualization systems. We invent mathematical transformations and representations, visual metaphors by which layers of data may be presented on a display, interaction techniques which enable the user to mine information from dense data streams, and the human factors that lead to proper interpretation and understanding of the information. We evaluate these techniques in diverse applications.

We have applied our work to achieving and maintaining situation awareness in a dynamic battle space, training in military procedures, and analyzing data to draw insights and recognize patterns. We examine how new hardware and software technologies apply to these problems and evaluate the usability of techniques and devices according to human perceptual and cognitive capabilities.

We maintain a Visual Analytics Laboratory with a large-scale, tiled display wall powered by an 18-node graphics cluster, as well as a Virtual Reality Laboratory with a range of see-through and immersive displays, tracking systems, and mobile computers.

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