The Virtual Reality Laboratory (VR Lab) was the founding research platform of the Virtual Environments and Visualization section. The VR Lab was a pioneer in developing the VR Responsive Workbench in the mid-1990s (with the first Responsive Workbench in the U.S. in 1994). The VR Lab has also played a major role in developing the field of mobile augmented reality. The VR Lab has enabled a significant amount of research in virtual environments and augmented reality.

The lab is equipped with state-of-the-art virtual environments and augmented reality hardware and software. Some of this equipment includes:

  • Displays
    • nVis nVisorST
    • VRealities VR Pro ST
    • silicon micro displays ST1080
    • Nvidia 3D Vision 2
  • Tracking systems
    • Intersense IS-900
    • Intersense IS-1200
    • Ashtech GPS with differential correction
    • VectorNav VN200
    • Microsoft Kinect
  • Mobile computers
    • Xi3
    • Ouya
    • Toshiba satellite
  • Modeling and simulation software
    • VBS2 Fusion
    • Boston Dynamics DIGuy
    • Autodesk 3DS Max
    • VR Sonic Soundscape
  • Haptic devices
    • Sensable Technologies Phantom Desktop
    • CyberForce/CyberGrasp

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