The Intelligent Decision Support Section (Code 5584) develops intelligent decision support systems through basic and applied research conducted in Modeling and Simulation (M&S), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Web Services, Semantic Web Services and Multi-Agent Systems. Our research has focused on problems of interest to the Navy and Department of Defense, including:

  • Improving Maritime Domain Awareness
  • Addressing the large data problem in anomaly detection to support Cyber Security
  • Development of novel information sharing technologies supporting Stabilization, Security, Transition and Reconstruction Operations
  • Improving interoperability between Department of Defense simulation systems and Command, Control, Communication and Computers (C4I) systems
  • Improving end-to-end visibility and business processes within transportation and logistics
  • User modeling and authentication from Web browsing behavior

Our researchers hold advanced degrees in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Business, Engineering Science and Mechanics, and Civil Engineering.

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