Division facilities include secure information engineering and COMSEC laboratories, a robotics laboratory, immersive simulation and spatial audio laboratories, a high data rate multimedia transmission facility, a ship motion simulator, an immersive visualization laboratory, and laboratories for the development and testing of communication and network protocols. A wireless networking testbed is being used to develop Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET) standards that can meet a wide range of military and commercial needs, and a virtual reality laboratory provides the facilities and expertise to allow NRL scientists to use virtual and augmented reality in a variety of scientific investigations.


ITD has hundreds of workstations and personal computers linked by an extensive network connected to the Defense Research and Engineering Network (DREN) and the Advanced Technology Demonstration Network (ATDNet). Many of these machines are in specialized facilities. Most of these resources belong to the various branches and are used primarily for work performed within those branches. As a Distributed Center of the High Performance Computing Modernization Program, ITD is responsible for assessing and introducing leading edge HPC technology. For more information on ITD's backbone fiber optic network, HPC resources, and massive database resources, see the Center for Computational Science.