The Transmission Technology Branch (Code 5550) conducts a research and development program directed toward the improvement of information transmission and reception between surface, air, submerged, and space platforms. The Branch mission includes understanding and developing approaches to satisfy the need for affordable, efficient, and robust dissemination of combat management information. In support of this goal, the Branch investigates all aspects of the process of information transfer including the development of state-of-the-art transmission equipment as well as research into antennas and channel propagation phenomena. Emphasis is placed on those aspects of transmission technology that permit adaptation to inhospitable natural or man-made environments.

Areas of activity include wideband and high data-rate communication architectures and radio frequency (RF) systems engineering; satellite and space communication technology; research into wideband and compact antenna systems; generation of new or improved secure voice systems for the Navy; techniques for compression of voice and data to maximize information transfer over constrained channels, optical communications theory, systems development and testing, optical sensing techniques and data integration, and tactical networking methodologies for secure and unclassified applications In addition, the Branch conducts research and development in support of signal intercept and related intelligence system projects.

The Branch consists of four sections: