Marine Geosciences

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The Division conducts a broadly-based, multidisciplinary program of scientific research and advanced technology development directed towards maritime and other national applications of geosciences, geospatial information and related technologies.  Research includes investigations of basic processes within ocean basins and littoral regions.  Models, sensors, techniques and systems are developed to exploit this knowledge for applications to enhance Navy and Marine Corps systems, plans and operations.


Research Areas

A. Dynamic Seafloor/Coastal Process Modeling

1.  Bio-geo-chemical processes

2.  Dynamic sediment fluid/gas interactions 

3.  Sediment transport and turbidity 

4. Sediment acoustic models 

5.  Dynamic coastal morphology


B. Seafloor/Coastal Characterization 

1.  Remote and in-situ characterization of physical/geo-acoustic  

properties and morphology 

2.  Development of deterministic/statistical models for predicting  

geo-acoustic properties and morphology 

3.  High-resolution sub-bottom imaging 


C. 4-D Geospatial Information, Science and Technology

1.  Precise navigation and geodesy 

2.  Mapping and imaging of shallow seafloor and coastal morphology 

3.  Automated data inversion for environmental factors 

4. Geospatial data modeling, knowledge-based systems and active  

database design 

5. Data perishability 

6. Visualization and human factor interfaces