The Ocean and Atmospheric Science and Technology Directorate performs research in the fields of acoustics, remote sensing, oceanography, marine geosciences, marine meteorology, and space science.

Acoustics research focuses on advanced concepts and computation, environmental acoustics, acoustic signal processing, physical acoustics, acoustic systems, and acoustic simulation and tactics. Remote sensing studies include radio, infrared, and optical sensors; remote sensing physics; and imaging systems and research. Oceanography studies include ocean dynamics and prediction, ocean sciences and technology, and small-scale phenomenology. Marine geosciences areas of interest are marine physics, seafloor sciences, and mapping, charting, and geodesy.

Research studies in marine meteorology include prediction systems and forecast support. Space science research includes ultraviolet measurements, x-ray astronomy, upper atmospheric physics, gamma and cosmic rays, solar physics, and solar terrestrial relationships.

Dr. Douglas Todoroff is the acting Associate Director of Research for Ocean and Atmospheric Science and Technology Directorate.