From basic research through engineering development, the Systems Directorate expands operational capabilities and provides materiel support to Fleet and Marine Corps missions. The emphasis is on technology, devices, systems, and know-how to acquire and move warfighting information and to deny these capabilities to the enemy.

Current activities include new and improved radar, optical sensors and optics-based sensors, advanced electronic support measures techniques; electronic warfare systems, techniques, and devices; innovative designs for reduced observables; techniques and devices to disable and/or confuse enemy sensors and information systems; small "intelligent"/autonomous land, sea, or air vehicles; and high performance/high assurance computing.

The Directorate also provides Laboratory support in technical information collection and distribution; and coordination of Lab-wide efforts in signature technology, counter-signature technology, theater missile defense, and the Naval Science Assistance Program.

Dr. Gerald M. Borsuk is the Associate Director of Research for the Systems Directorate.