Electronics and Electromagnetics

NRL's electronics researchers examine materials growth and properties, surface physics, micro- and nano- structure electronics, microwave techniques, microelectronic device research and fabrication, vacuum electronics, high-power microwave generation, and cryoelectronics, including superconductors. Download the Electronics and Electromagnetics section research articles here Electronics_2010.pdf.

Research Articles

  • Improvements to Towed Decoys to Enhance Aircraft Survivability
    G.T. Roan

  • Adaptive Jamming Cancellation in Radar
    V. Gregers-Hansen, R. Mital, and J. Cook

  • Laser System for Protection of Navy Ships
    P. Mak and C. Maraviglia

  • Particle Filters for Multipath Mitigation
    M. Hock and K. Lee

  • A New Gallium Nitride-based Switch for High Efficiency Power Electronics
    T.J. Anderson, M.J. Tadjer, M.A. Mastro, J.K. Hite, K.D. Hobart, C.R. Eddy, Jr., and F.J. Kub

Research Groups

  • Radar, 5300
    • Analysis, 5310
    • Advanced Radar Systems, 5320
    • Surveillance Technology, 5340

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