Information Technology and Communications

Information technology programs include projects in the fields of artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction; communications system engineering; transmission and propagation technology; combat management systems; telecommunication network technologies; command, control, and communication for battle management architectures; computer security and communications security; and massively parallel processing and high-speed network technologies. Download the Information Technology and Communications section research articles here Information_2010.pdf.

Research Articles

  • CT-Analyst® Deployed for the 2009 Presidential Inauguration
    J. Boris, G. Patnaik, K. Obenschain, M. Ronas, C. Williams, and J. Delaney

  • Beyond-line-of-sight Tactical Communications Relay (BTCR)
    M. Rupar, J. Doffoh, and B. Vorees

  • Coastal Environmental Hyperspectral Imaging from the Space Station
    M.R. Corson, R.L. Lucke, D.R. Korwan, W.A. Snyder, C.O. Davis, N.R. Mcglothlin, S.D. Butcher, and D.L. Wood

Research Groups

  • Laboratory for Computational Physics & Fluid Dynamics, 6400
    • Center for Reactive Flow & Dynamical Systems, 6410
    • Center for Computational Physics Developments, 6440

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