Simulation, Computing, & Modeling

NRL capabilities include in-house expertise in parallel processing for large-scale scientific computing and the ability to perform analyses and computational experiments on specific problems using these capabilities. Download the Simulation, Computing, & Modeling section research articles here Simulation_2010.pdf.

Research Articles

  • High-Yield Z-Pinch Thermonuclear Neutron Source
    A.L. Velikovich, R.W. Clark, J. Davis, J.L. Giuliani, Y.K. Chong, C.A. Coverdale, and D. Flicker

  • Rapid Air Traffic Modeling and Prediction
    C.R. Kaplan, E.S. Oran, N. Alexandrov, and J.P. Boris

Research Groups

  • Laboratory for Computational Physics & Fluid Dynamics, 6400
    • Center for Reactive Flow & Dynamical Systems, 6410
    • Center for Computational Physics Developments, 6440

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