Atmospheric Science and Technology

Through studies of objects and targets on Earth, in the near-Earth environment and in the ocean and in deep space, NRL researchers can develop information systems to analyze, simulate, predict and interpret the structure of processes that can affect Naval weapons and communications systems. Download the Atmospheric Science and Technology section research articles here Atmospheric_2011.pdf.

Research Articles
  • Next-Generation Air—Ocean—Wave Coupled Ocean/Atmosphere Mesoscale Prediction System (COAMPS)
    S. Chen, T.J. Campbell, S. Gaberšek, H. Jin, and R.M. Hodur

  • New Ocean Wind Capability from Space
    T.F. Lee, M.H. Bettenhausen, and J.D. Hawkins

  • Atmospheric Remote Sensing Aboard the International Space Station
    S. Budzien and A. Stephan

  • Geospace Climate Present and Future
    J.T. Emmert

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