Electronics and Electromagnetics

NRL's electronics researchers examine materials growth and properties, surface physics, micro- and nano- structure electronics, microwave techniques, microelectronic device research and fabrication, vacuum electronics, high-power microwave generation, and cryoelectronics, including superconductors. Download the Electronics and Electromagnetics section research articles here Electronics_2011.pdf.

Research Articles

  • Full-Wave Characterization of Wavelength-Scaled Phased Arrays
    R.W. Kindt

  • Spectral Nulling of Radar Waveforms
    T. Higgins and A. Shackelford

  • Demonstration of Highly Efficient 4.5 kV Silicon Carbide Power Rectifiers for Ship Electrification
    K. Hobart, E. Imhoff, F. Kub, T. Duong, A. Hefner, S.-H. Rdu, and D. Grider

  • Microfabrication of Next-Generation Millimeter-Wave Vacuum Electronic Amplifiers
    C.D. Joye, J.P. Calame, K.T. Nguyen, and B. Levush

  • CMOS Integrated MEMS Resonators for RF and Chemical Sensing Applications
    M.K. Zalalutdinov, J.W. Baldwin, and B.H. Houston

  • Software Reprogrammable Payload (SRP) Development
    C.M. Huffine

Research Groups

  • Radar, 5300
    • Analysis, 5310
    • Advanced Radar Systems, 5320
    • Surveillance Technology, 5340
  • Acoustics Division, 7100
    • Physical Acoustics, 7130
    • Acoustic Signal Processing and Systems, 7160
    • Acoustic Simulation, Measurements & Tactics, 7180

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