Materials Science and Technology

Research objectives include achieving a fundamental understanding of the mechanical, physical, electrical, magnetic, superconducting, and electrochemical properties of materials; identifying composition, processing, and microstructural parameters to produce improved materials; and developing guidelines for the selection, design, and certification of materials for life-cycle management of naval structures and systems. Download the Materials Science and Technology section research articles here Materials_2011.pdf.

Research Articles

  • Laser Printed MEMS and Electronic Devices
    A.J. Birnbaum, H. Kim, R.C.Y. Auyeung, N.A. Charipar, K.M. Metkus, S.A. Mathews, and A. Piqué

  • Microstructural Evolution During Friction Stir Welding of Titanium
    R.W. Fonda and K.E. Knipling

  • Advanced Dielectric Composites with Templated Microstructure through Freeze Casting
    E.P. Gorzkowski and M.-J. Pan

  • Novel Air Purification Materials
    B.J. White, B.J. Melde, G.W. Peterson, and B.J. Schindler

Research Groups

  • Center for Biomolecular Science & Engineering, 6900
    • Laboratory for Biosensors & Biomaterials, 6910
    • Laboratory for Biomolecular Dynamics, 6920
    • Laboratory for the Study of Molecular Interfacial Interaction, 6930
    • Laboratory for Molecularly Engineered Materials & Surfaces, 6950

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