Optical Sciences

Researchers study quantum optics, laser physics, optical waveguide technologies, laser-matter interactions, atmospheric propagation, optical technology, holography, optical warfare, optical data processing, fiber-optic sensor systems, optical systems, optical materials, radiation damage studies, IR surveillance and missile seeker technologies, IR signature measurements, optical recording materials, and optical diagnostics techniques. Download the Optical Sciences section research articles here Optical_2011.pdf.

Research Articles

  • High Efficiency Ceramic Lasers
    J.S. Sanghera, W. Kim, C. Baker, G. Villalobos, J. Frantz, L.B. Shaw, A. Lutz, and I. Aggarwal

  • Aerosol Agent Detection Using Spectroscopic Characterization
    V. Sivaprakasam, J. Czege, M. Currie, J. Lou, and J. Eversole

  • Angel Fire/Blue Devil Sensors for Wide-Area ISR and Persistent Surveillance
    J.N. Lee, M.R. Kruer, D.C. Linne von Berg, J.G. Howard, B. Daniel, and P. Lebow

Research Groups

  • Optical Sciences, 5600

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