Electronics and Electromagnetics

NRL's electronics researchers examine materials growth and properties, surface physics, micro- and nano- structure electronics, microwave techniques, microelectronic device research and fabrication, vacuum electronics, high-power microwave generation, and cryoelectronics, including superconductors. Download the Electronics and Electromagnetics section research articles here Electronics_2012.pdf.

Research Articles

  • High-Resolution Widesweep Backscatter Ionograms
    G. San Antonio

  • Real-Time Electronic Attack (EA) Effectiveness Monitoring
    S.L. Beun and J.J. Genova (NRL retiree)

  • Diamond for Thermal Management in Power Electronics
    T.J. Anderson, M.J. Tadjer, K.D. Hobart, T.I. Feygelson, J.D. Caldwell, M.A. Mastro, J.K. Hite, C.R. Eddy, Jr., F.J. Kub, and B.B. Pate

Research Groups

  • Radar, 5300
    • Analysis, 5310
    • Advanced Radar Systems, 5320
    • Surveillance Technology, 5340

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