Materials Science and Technology

Research objectives include achieving a fundamental understanding of the mechanical, physical, electrical, magnetic, superconducting, and electrochemical properties of materials; identifying composition, processing, and microstructural parameters to produce improved materials; and developing guidelines for the selection, design, and certification of materials for life-cycle management of naval structures and systems. Download the Materials Science and Technology section research articles here Materials_2012.pdf.

Research Articles

  • Biosensing with a Graphene-Based FET
    C.R. Tamanaha, R. Stine, J.T. Robinson, M. Baraket, S.P. Mulvaney, S.G. Walton, and P.E. Sheehan

  • Silicon Spintronics at 500 K
    C.H. Li, O.M.J. van't Erve, and B.T. Jonker

  • Poro-Vascular Composites
    J.P. Thomas, M.H. Merrill, K.M. Metkus, A. Pique, and R.K. Everett

  • Low-Cost Processing of Titanium and its Alloys
    A.W. Fliflet, M.A. Imam, and R.K. Everett

Research Groups

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