Ocean Science and Technology

NRL's research is focused on understanding and modeling ocean, coastal, and littoral area hydro/thermodynamics, circulation, waves, ice dynamics, air-sea exchange, optics, and small and microscale processes; and on the investigation and application of microbiological processes to Navy problems. NRL's marine geosciences research provides digital databases, geoacoustics and geophysical models, and simulations to support training, system design, performance prediction, and operational needs of the Navy. Download the Ocean Science and Technology section research articles here Ocean_2012.pdf.

Research Articles

  • Bio-Inspired Locomotion for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles
    J.D. Geder, R. Ramamurti, M. Pruessner, B. Ratna, J. Palmisano, and W. Sandberg

  • Extending Optical Visibility Prediction Range with the Help of Acoustics
    W. Hou, E. Jarosz, S. Woods, W. Goode, and A. Weidemann

  • Tomographic Particle Image Velocimetry of Bottom Boundary Layer Processes
    J. Calantoni and I.M. Sou

  • Rapid Autonomous Fuel Transfer for USVs
    G.P. Scott and C.G. Henshaw

Research Groups

  • Laboratory for Computational Physics & Fluid Dynamics, 6400
    • Center for Reactive Flow & Dynamical Systems, 6410
    • Center for Computational Physics Developments, 6440
  • Center for Biomolecular Science & Engineering, 6900
    • Laboratory for Biosensors & Biomaterials, 6910
    • Laboratory for Biomolecular Dynamics, 6920
    • Laboratory for the Study of Molecular Interfacial Interaction, 6930
    • Laboratory for Molecularly Engineered Materials & Surfaces, 6950

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